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The first line of protection for your feet is a sock; having a good pair of socks in your closet is essential. The active, comfy socks on City Workwear are one of the best socks available. They offer protection and relaxation to your feet daily. You can wear them indoors or outdoors as per your choice and comfort.


The right size socks provide cushioning to the ball of the foot and heel and keep the feet warm and comfortable. The JB’S sports socks are made of nylon, cotton, and elastane. The elastane makes these socks flexible. The ankle socks from JB’S give your feet a padded comfort. The terry-lined footbed makes them more secure. These easy-care socks are easily washable with water and sustain durability even after frequent washes. The material used is of supreme quality, offering a soft texture to keep you cosy and warm. These socks will always keep you on your toes.


The comfy socks provide a snug fit, making one feel like they have worn nothing on their feet. They protect your feet and make you feel comfortable all day long. These socks have a very modern fit and style. The knit fabric detailing on ankle socks gives a striking look to your feet and catches everybody’s attention. They retain their shape after every single wash and don’t stretch or bunch up inside the shoes. These socks also provide an ideal environment by aiding in temperature and moisture control.


Many folks think that wearing socks all day makes one’s feet smelly and sweaty and contributes to health problems like athlete’s foot, but this just isn’t true. The socks increase blood flow by warming the feet; even wearing them to bed can help you fall asleep quickly. The JB’S socks absorb moisture and prevent rubbing, chaffing, and painful blisters. An excellent range of colours is available from the brand for kids and adults. They also protect feet from injury, keep them dry, and avoid odour. The sports socks have a podium logo imprinted on the sole and have colour contrast stripes detailing. The comfy podium socks are breathable with fast drying and good absorbency qualities. The size of JB’S socks is in three variants – youth, regular, and king. They absorb sweat from your feet and keep your shoes nice and dry.

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    JB'S Sports Socks 7PSS

    These comfortable Sports Socks will keep you on your toes. The socks are made of nylon, cotton and elastane with podium logo on the sole. The...

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    JB'S Sport Ankle Socks (5 Pack) 7PSS1

    Featuring a podium logo on the sole, the Ankle Socks give your feet a padded comfort. These socks are made of cotton polyester and elastane. The...

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    Repreve Work Socks (3x Pack) BSX7025

    Repreve Work Socks (3x Pack) BSX7025 Made from recycled RPET bottles 6 recycled bottles used in each 3 pack 3 pairs in a pack: black (shown),...

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