High Visibility Work Shirts

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish and high-visibility work look, shop from City Workwear and level up your style. We have different brands offering their best authentic shirts for men and women. You can jazz up your look into a new fashion which will make all your colleagues wonder about the recent change. The hi-viz shirts are very functional and keep you cool while working in hot conditions. These high-visibility shirts help you get noticed even if you work late in the evening. Our website will make your every purchase worth buying.


Quality Fabric and Construction

The material of the high-visibility shirts gives extra comfort and provides space for maximum movement. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable. There are button and zipper closures available for easy wear. These will help you look and perform your best every day. The contrasted polyester patches help to prevent wear and tear in highly abrasive areas. There are buttoned and adjustable sleeve cuffs to function correctly. The shirts are made from cooler and stronger ripstop fabric, offering electrical protection, making the shirts appropriate for electrical and gas trades. The shirts have straight, slit, and curved hems to enhance your look. Some of the hi-viz shirts have a stretch fit with unique stretch pleating across the shoulder to offer movement and reinforcement while moving items over the shoulders. The DNC workwear shirts use environmentally friendly dye, which is very safe for the skin. The work site high-visibility shirts are UPF-rated, protecting against electrical hazards and ultraviolet sun rays all day.


Wide Range of Sizes and Colours

The collared neckline of shirts makes you look your best and presentable. In many high-visibility shirts, there are underarm, upper back, and side cooling vents that allow air circulation to remove sweat and body heat. You can choose long, short, or raglan sleeves as per your choice. Most shirts have chest pockets with flap closure, so you can easily keep your important things handy. We offer high-visibility shirts of almost every size from XS to 7XL or even 8. There is a vast range of vibrant colour options to choose from. The two-tone shirts add a vibrant touch to your daily wear and make it more attractive to give a bright look. The tape stripes reflect at night and ease your way of working. There are classic, relaxed, modern, and slim fits available which guarantee to fit as per your body shape.