Ensure Ear Protection Through Top-rated Earmuffs and Earplugs

Are you going to keep your ear protected in a workplace with loud noises? We know how vital ear protection is in that scenario. Therefore we are going to unlock a robust collection of hi-tech ear muffs and plugs. Set them on your ear and start doing your job without putting your hearing at risk. Do you want to sleep train yourself to keep your life stress free? We are going to let you select some earplugs or earmuffs that can help you sleep well because they feature excellent noise-cancellation features. Having a good night's sleep is the formula of a healthy and successful life, tap on this formula through our high-quality ear protection devices. You can select any device based on its hearing protection ratings. Our classy ear muffs are designed to deliver personal protection while making it easy for a wearer to use it in hot, humid work areas at the optimal comfort.
Protect your ears from all the loud noises at the workplace. City Workwear brings you a high-tech collection of uniquely designed ear protection devices that ensure noise cancellation. The earmuffs and earplugs come with a stylish design and excellent features.

Supreme-Quality & Material Construction

The earmuffs have a solid, lightweight construction and come with premium-quality foam-filled ear cushions that settle well on your ears. The inner foam and the headband cushions provide maximised comfort while working for long hours. The protective earmuffs come with a balanced clamping force that protects the ears from high-pitched sounds and at the same time, offers comfort and enhanced sealing. The clamping force perfectly fits the ear structure and maintains a tight seal for improving noise cancellation. The bullet-shaped earplugs are made of disposable polyurethane, a simple memory foam to fit in the ears. These earplugs are best for protecting ears from loud workplace noises. The slow rebound bullet shape further reduces noise and protects ears from other foreign bodies, water intrusion, dirt, and dust. The earplugs comply with the Australian and New Zealand hearing protector guidelines and are also certified products by BSI.

Striking Features

The foam earmuffs come with high-level protection from noises at the workplace. These also have an easy vertical adjustment headband and rolling ear cup pivot pins that enhances comfort. You can wear these with the headband kept behind your head. The large cup openings with soft cushions are filled with foam and help maintain a proper fit. The 32dB earmuffs are designed perfectly to be worn with safety helmets as per the industrial requirements. The noise-reducing earplugs are also designed with a contemporary yet lightweight design to ensure comfort and ease. These come with high visuality for easy visual identification even from a distance and a robust steel wire construction according to the on-site demands.

High Visibility Earmuffs and Earcuffs

The high-tech ear muffs and plugs are available in simple black colour or black colour coordinated with high visuality colours like orange, green, and yellow. The black earmuffs go well with almost all workwear outfits and give an elegant appeal. The high visuality colours are further suitable for the industrial workplace. City Workwear has a fine quality ear protection collection from top Australian brands like Jb's Wear and Pro Choice. These exclusive ear protectors come in a single free size and can be used by both men and women.