32dB Ear Muffs with Neck Band 8M050

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The Ear Muffs with Neck Band give enhanced protection to ear and are rated SLC80 32dB Class 5 performance. You can wear 32dB ear muffs with safety helmets as they meet different industrial requirements. The large cup openings and foam filled cushions give comfort and enhanced sealing properties.

  • Premium protection, quality earmuffs
  • SLC80 32dB Class 5 performance
  • Vinyl cushions, EVA foam
  • Hygiene kits available upon request from your reseller. part No: 8M051
  • Designed to be worn with safety helmets
  • Stainless steel colour bonded neck band
  • Rolling ear cup pivot pins for wearer comfort and seal
  • Quality construction for hard working environments
  • Single item display box