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Nursing clogs and shoes are generally an overlooked component of your uniform but can make an important difference to your professional look, and also your posture and comfort through the day. Here at City Workwear, we provide a big range of nursing shoes to help you find the best fit.

What type of shoes are best for nurses?

The best shoes for nurses for the work they do every day are supportive, durable, and relaxed, though traditional pairs are not the most stylish. Generally, nurses wear shoes that are relaxed slip-on pairs and slip resistant, as they are on their feet for long periods of time while working in a quick-paced atmosphere. Nurses may also wear shoes with a lower heel to help with stability and balance, and some nursing shoes also have extra arch and support to help with back pain. Additionally, nurses generally prefer shoes with closed toes, as this helps to save their feet from risks.

Our original range has lots of styles that perform amazingly as leather nursing shoes and everyday pairs. We put wellness at the forefront and just use quality materials, such as leather and breathable materials in some of our sneakers, though each style is made to treat your feet with care.

Tips for buying nursing shoes

With that in mind, we have created the best tips for nurses searching for supportive, comfortable, and practical nursing clogs or shoes – that also look remarkable!

Check out your employer’s rules before you start

Most healthcare workers have requirements, or at the very least guidelines, about the footwear that nurses and other staff should be wearing in the job area. These can include standard standards as the shoe colour, the amount of the foot that should be covered, and the protective features of the shoe. If you don’t know what the rules are, take the time to find out before you spend cash buying shoes that are not quite right.

Select the best fit from the begin

Don’t compromise when it comes to picking the clog or nursing shoe that is best fit for your foot. All those hours walking, standing, and running can immediately become agony if your clogs or shoes are either too tight or too loose. Getting the top fit is not just down to picking the best size; it is also down to good design, good standard materials and the shape of a nursing shoe fitting the natural contours of your feet.

Get a grip and avoid a slip

It almost goes without saying that a nurse wears clogs or shoes with high slip resistance, but we have added it to our list because when you are presented with nursing shoes that look and feel remarkable, it is easy to forget the basics.

Why are nurse’s shoes important?

There are many advantages of nursing shoes, including providing support and comfort, helping to stop foot and lower leg injuries, improving your alignment and posture, and they can also help to better your circulation, decrease fatigue, and better your energy levels.

Creating nursing shoes Australia based has special considerations, and with our proud history of being podiatrist founded, shoes for nurses holds a unique place in our heart.


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  • Softies Women's Charlie Nursing Shoe CHS01

    Softies Charlie Nursing Shoe CHS01 Full soft Nursing Clog The Charlie nursing shoes feature an absence of perforations which makes them ideal for use in medical...

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  • Softies Women's Louis Nursing Shoe LOS01

    Softies Louis Nursing Shoe LOS01 The Charlie nurse shoes does not feature any holes hence is ideal for hospital use as it is waterproof on the...

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  • Softies Women's Lizzy Nursing Shoe LZS01

    Softies Lizzy Nursing Shoe LZS01 Fly Knit leg contouring fabric nurse shoes The Lizzy nursing shoes have a soft grip rubber base with partial air cushioning...

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