Safety Hats & Hard Hats Prevent Head Injury & Offer Protection at Work

We bring every class of hard hats for our customers who are working in the challenging industries. Our well-designed hard hats are made of the most robust material. Therefore you can expect exceptional levels of impact resistance from its shell while its adjustable straps and headband let you fix the head as per your head requirements. Light-weight Class C hard hats are meant to offer impact protection in case of accidental fall or tripping accident. However, when you need optimal protection from high-voltage shock and burn up to 20,000 volts, then Class E helmets are what you need the most. You can opt for Type 1 or Type 2 helmets in case you have a plan to mitigate impact force only on top of your head or top and sides of the head, respectively. No matter what sort of safety hats or helmets you are looking for, we have a collection of top brands that can serve your needs with the finest quality, styles, colors, and design. Don't wait anymore. Want to stay safe at your workplace? It's time to find a hard hat that can ensure your safety.
City Workwear features a wide collection of hard and safety hats for people working in industrial workplaces amidst harsh conditions.


The hard helmets are made up of polyester and cotton blend and come with UV stabilised polypropylene that adds to the resilience and durability of the hats. The poly-cotton blend ensures a good moisture-wicking ability that helps to keep you dry and cool. The vented bump cap is uniquely designed to be sturdy and protective of any potential threat to the worker. It is most suitable for construction workers and welders. The construction helmet has a well-ventilated design with contoured ribs that further add strength and maximise protection. This pin lock harness comes with a rain guard and reinforced peak for enhanced security. The 6-point harness of the vented hats makes wearing the hat easier, and the lightweight structure makes it comfortable to wear all day long.


These protective caps are a practical and functional addition to any outdoor worksite outfit. These have a flap at the back to protect your neck, they easily fit all head sizes, have a wide brim to block sun rays from the face, and are quite easy to wear and remove. These are ideal for high wind areas when a secure fit is needed. The sun protection hat is lightweight and durable and has a 6-point push-lock harness. It also comes with a UPF 45+ sun protection rating, making it suitable to be worn in sweltering weather conditions. The extended part at the front offers shade during sunny days and helps protect the wearer from rain. The reflective tape on these hats enhances visibility even from a greater distance in low light conditions. The sweatband prevents any perspiration build-up keeping you cool and comfortable while working for long hours.


The thread protector hats come with enhanced protection from chemicals, and heat, and help protect the head in case of accidental falls or tripping. The safety hats ensure ventilation, flexibility, and comfort with the quick and easy single-hand adjustment, advanced positioned band on the back of the head, and the webbed harness cradling system. The high visibility colours like yellow, green, and orange are perfect for industrial workers and are available in free size. The protective hats are lightweight, comfortable, and look good with everyday workwear outfits.