Accessories: Towels, Ties, Knee Pads, and Beanies

From office essentials like ties, casual beanie caps, to fitness towels and knee pads, here are the popular accessories you need to check out right now!


The clip-on tie is an elegant royal black tie that will complement all your formal outfits and give you an attractive look. This tie is made up of 100% polyester and has a super-fine quality and texture that feels smooth like silk. This stylish tie comes with a metal clip for ease of adjustment. Get a more professional look with the easy-care-tie with a customized fit. The ties are available in small and large sizes and in dark shades of colour.


The vast collection of towels includes hand towels, beach towels, golf towels, and gym towels. The hand towels are made up of dyed 100% cotton. The texture is smooth, and the towels have a dobby border. Beach towels come in both plain and striped patterns. The golf towels are one-side terry towels with a plastic hook on the other side. The design is quirky, and the fabric is terry velour with a rapier finish. The gym and fitness towels have the smoothest texture and quality to ensure utmost skin care. The towels are available in compact sizes like 40 x 60 cm and large sizes like 162 x 87.5 cm. Choose from the best brands like Australian Industrial Wear, Jb’s Wear, and Syzmik.

Knee Pads

The removable knee pads are specially designed to provide firm support and comfort to your knees. The knee pads work efficiently to provide you with faster recovery after knee or ligament injuries. The knee support pad is of durable material and suitable for men, women, and children. The best features about these knee pads are that they are waterproof, easily fit anyone with convenient adjustable straps, and have a sturdy quality.


Our unisex beanies will give you a stylish look and will also keep you warm and comfy. The beanie cap comes in three colours: Navy, Grey, and Black. The colours are suitable for both men and women; even the size is one that easily fits all. The trendy beanies are easy to carry around and can be easily washed with mild soap and water. This fisherman knit beanie is definitely the perfect addition to your cool style quotient. Wear it with your favourite pair of trousers are you are good to go.