Screen printing Australia

Screen Printing on Uniforms and Hi Vis Workwear

Screen printing on uniforms is a common promotional tool for employers who want to promote their business or attend sporting events and it is also used by many individuals as a way to make money. With the rising cost of labor, increased overhead in various businesses, and the dwindling number of employees, some people have turned to offering screen printed t-shirts for sale. The trend has caught on with retailers and other businesses who need uniforms and other printed products at an inexpensive cost. There are even kiosks set up at malls and major businesses that offer screen printing on uniforms.


Screen printing on uniforms can be used for things such as promotional material for businesses such as restaurants and bars or it can be used to produce screen printed clothing for school children. The latter option is the best used in order to create uniformity and consistency in the design, colour, and style of the printed workwear or uniform. Screen printing on uniforms is one of the best used options in order to promote a business, increase sales and build brand recognition. For example, t-shirts with company logos and handles are best used for a bar's customised drink holders and not the ubiquitous t-shirt with the company name and slogan on it.


In addition to promoting and using customised workwear in bars and other businesses, the same concept can also be used for uniforms for the military, police, emergency medical services, fire brigade, and even nursing homes. The reason why screen printing is a very effective method of customisation is because it allows people to wear similar workwear or uniforms but have different colours and styles. It is also easy to change the colours and styles on uniforms so that they look different from one person to another. Screen printing on uniforms is versatile, flexible and a very effective promotional tool.